Additional Services
In addition to helicopter tours, Old City Helicopters, LLC provides the following services:
  • Part 135 Air Charter
  • Aerial Photography (we can supply photographer if necessary)
  • Aerial Videography - Gyro Stabilized Mount
  • Scattering of Remains (Ash drops)
  • Easter Egg Drops
  • Aerial Survey/Inspection
  • Flight Instruction
  • Off Airport Rides at Company Parties, Fairs, or Corporate Events
  • Promotional Events, Fly Bys, Golf Ball Drops, etc.
  • Marriage Proposals (Say "Will You Marry Me?" in a helicopter!)
If you have a job requiring a helicopter, contact us to see how we can be of service.
Flight Instruction Demo Flights We are proud to offer demonstration flights to potential students.  Your instructor will start by giving you an introduction to how the helicopter operates  Then they will get in the helicopter with you, start the helicopter and take you up to a safe altitude where you will be given the chance to control the aircraft  yourself. WARNING: Demo flights may lead to a condition known as “the bug” which may lead to full blown flight training and increases the risk of depleted funds in the checking account. Supplemental Training For those that may already have a rotorcraft certificate we offer transition training into the Robinson R44 to include SFAR 73 compliance. For more information on flight training, please contact us  We would be happy to go over all of the details with you. Off Airport Rides We are capable of adding a unique thrill to your event at your location with custom routes.  Every event is different, we need to be sure that safety comes first. Call us to check on availability and discuss different options. Charter Is there somewhere you need to be? Get there in style. Old City Helicopters, LLC is certified by the FAA to conduct charter flights under Part 135 of the Code of Federal Regulations for transportation of passengers or cargo.   Contact us.
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